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(Complete series available on the Kindle and in paperback)

Tricey, Vic, and Lyric are three friends from the Southside of Chicago fighting in the tumultuous war between finding the one amongst the chaotic sea of Mr. Wrongs.

After breaking up with her baby’s father, Memphis, Vic is in the arms of one new beau after the next; turning her heartbreak into a life filled with bald-headed h*e shenanigans. Vic's new approach to love terribly clashes with Asa’s uncontrollable need for being more than her next sneaky link. However, Vic’s refusal to commit doesn’t keep Asa’s alpha male, street swag from trying desperately to blow up the wall that she has built around her terribly damaged heart.

As Vic runs from Asa’s attempts to woo her, Tricey has done the unthinkable: fallen in love with her friend-with-benefits. After the heart-rendering endings of her past relationships, Akbar was the ideal replacement. Everything was perfect about him... except for his pregnant wife. After fighting against it, she falls in love and realizes that she needs to walk away from the man that she can’t imagine living without. Then enters “Blood”: the dope boy ready to sweep her off of
her feet. But can she find the courage to walk away from the explosive chemistry between she and Akbar in order to enjoy the life that Blood wants to give her?

While Tricey is stuck between a dope boy and her married love, Lyric and Salem are approaching their wedding date. As they prepare to spend the rest of their lives together, Salem is under the impression that he has chosen the perfect wife-to-be. Lyric struggles with this cloak of perfection as she figures out a way to quietly end the affair she’s had on the side since the day she met her soon-to-be-husband.

This is only the beginning of this Urban Romance, which is filled with love that hurts, betrayals, and feels tragically unsustainable. Packed with a sea of characters that add their own two cents of drama and contribute to the shocking and heartrending end, this love story is of three homegirls, not only falling in love with the one, but also falling in love with themselves.

* This is a re-release of the previously published book, Love, Sex, Lies. Since this book was written when I was very young, I wanted to give it the quality and attention that these characters deserve. This story has been revamped. Changes have been made, and many scenes have been added.


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