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National Best Selling Author, Jessica N. Watkins, was born on April 1st in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and a Masters of Applied Professional Studies with a focus in Business Administration from the like institution. Working in Hospital Administration for most of her career, Watkins has also been an author of fiction literature since the young age of nine. Eventually, she used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year of high school as a single parent: "In the third grade, I entered a short story contest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite the efforts of the darling main character. My writing evolved from apple trees to my seventh and eighth-grade classmates paying me to read novels I wrote about kids our age living the lives our parents wouldn't dare let us".

In September 2013, Jessica's novel, Secrets of a Side Bitch reached #1 on multiple charts, which catapulted her successful career in the Urban Fiction book industry and labeled her a national best-selling author. Since, Watkins' novels have matured into steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of African American Romance and Urban Fiction.

Jessica N. Watkins is available for talks, workshops, or book signings. Email her at

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