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"Looks like Jah Disciple has finally found him a new beau. He and the unknown woman accompanied his brothers, Messiah and Shauka, Shauka’s girlfriend, Sariah, and Messiah’s unknown companion for a night on the town in Vegas to celebrate Shauka Disciple’s twenty-first birthday. Let’s hope that this unknown woman is much more loyal than Jah’s ex, Layla …”

That is just one of the many posts that the gossip blogs posted about the infamous Disciple brothers. Jah, Shauka, and Messiah weren’t trying to get to the bag; they were the bag.

A tragic beginning to life led Jah and Shauka Disciple to homelessness and poverty at such a young age that they grew into men before their time. Yet, they turned their hunger, abandonment, and suffering into diamonds, mansions, and power. The natural hustler instinct they’d inherited from their father was their driving force. Yet, this story starts when Messiah turns eighteen and is finally freed from his adoptive parents. Reluctantly, he leaves his twin sister behind as he, Jah, and Shauka run the streets and break yearning hearts along the way.

After learning that his child wasn't his, Jah focuses on the Disciple organization and taking care of his family. As the oldest, he feels that the state of his siblings is his responsibility. Women are only used for his pleasure. But when he meets Faye, he finds himself opening up once again. Messiah is an immature hot boy who has zero interest in love. Yet, when he and his brothers go to end one of their opps, he falls for the woman cowering in the corner, and a messy cat-and-mouse chase begins. Sariah has won Shauka's heart with her beauty, peace, and loyalty, while he's been harboring feelings for Yaz. He and Yaz have a purely platonic friendship that suddenly explodes into passion, threatening Sariah's existence in his life.

Because of their tragic past, these brothers are family oriented and respect love. However, because of messy friends, gossip, and disloyalty, they are forced to make hard decisions that will hurt their loved ones and force their own deception. Jah's close relationship with one of his fellow hustlers will put him between a rock and a hard place, causing him to make a hard decision that will change the man that he is forever. At the same time, all of the brothers are dealt a heavy blow, learning that no matter how devoted they are to family, they have fumbled the bag.



(Complete series available on the Kindle and in paperback)

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