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I'll Kiss All Your Wounds


(Standalone -available on Kindle and Paperback)

A once blissful day in an Uber with a beautiful driver turned into utter chaos for Lyfe Miller.

Ocean was the driver’s name, and it fit her perfectly. Just looking at her, he knew that her beauty was endlessly deep and behind the allure in her eyes was violent turbulence. She was beyond her curves, chocolate skin, and artistic features. Despite her youth, life had dealt her a bad hand. She had the eyes of a fighter—determined and unafraid. Her pain was evident in the creases of her brow and the natural pout of her full lips. Her amazing eyes revealed a broken soul, fighting to put itself back together.

Their chemistry was instant and an explosive inferno. Their kiss was flooded with authentic animalistic passion. It tasted like they were meant to be. He could taste the sweetness of her soul and the bitterness of her past.

But some wounds never truly heal and bleed again at the most inopportune moments. Will the wounds of Ocean and Lyfe’s pasts cause their explosive chemistry to fizzle before their opportunity to live happily ever after?



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