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The Girl From Englewood


Lake and Reason's lives collide in a heart-stopping encounter when Lake becomes Reason’s unlikely savior, rescuing her from a murderous fate. Destiny intertwines their paths, sparking an instant and intense connection that neither of them saw coming. Neither Lake nor Reason were seeking love, but the magnetic pull between them is undeniable.


However, their budding romance is swiftly threatened by crippling external forces. Reason, recently divorced and battling her narcissistic ex-husband, finds herself trapped in a web of manipulation as he seeks to ruin her relationship with her children. With her three fiercely loyal best friends as her pillar of support, Reason must navigate the treacherous waters of custody battles and emotional turmoil, all while desperately clinging to her newfound love with Lake.


Lake, a devoted single father and a dedicated dean of students, finds solace in his role as a mentor to troubled students. But when shocking revelations from his past and disloyalty shatter his relationships with those he trusted, his world crumbles around him. As he fights to rebuild the shattered pieces of his life, he clings to his love for Reason as the one constant amidst the chaos.


Just when Lake and Reason believe they can overcome the challenges, tragedy strikes for both of them with devastating force. Their lives are thrown into disarray, and their budding romance hangs in the balance. Now, they must summon every ounce of strength, resilience, and unwavering love to navigate the darkest moments of their lives.

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