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In True Thug Fashion
(Complete series available on the Kindle, Audible, and in paperback)

The Freedom Brothers are first cousins that built a brotherly bond while growing up in their grandmother's home in Terror Town. Epic, Angel, and Bishop Freedom eventually matured from little boys to men, who run the blocks of the East Side of Chicago neighborhood. Women love them, and men want to be them. Yet, this story about the Freedom Brothers is far from your typical hood tale.

Once the Freedom crew had established themselves in the game, Epic Freedom chose to settle down with his beautiful wife, Bella. Yet, their enchanting romance was short-lived. For five years, Epic never met another woman like Bella... until he literally ran into Honey Sampson. Honey is a single mother with an evil ex-husband who refuses to be a part of their three kid's lives. Yet, Honey does not allow this to ruin her. She does what many single mothers have to do; adjust her crown and handle her business. Her days are filled with juggling parental duties, working double shifts, and obtaining her bachelor's online. Then, she has a fearful encounter with a stranger that leads to a romance that seems unreal. During she and Epic's courtship, she is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like the old saying goes, you shall have what you say. Unfortunately, Honey has spoken so much doubt into her and Epic's relationship that eventually, the shoe does come crashing down on their perfection, shattering her heart and ruining their happily ever after.

Bishop Freedom is a gentle giant. He hides his whirlwind emotions by violently wreaking havoc on those that ask for it. Unfortunately, his live-in girlfriend, Amber, asks for it most disrespectfully. Now, Bishop is in the streets shuffling angrily through women, when he meets Winter Storm. Winter is fighting her own demons, as she struggles to win custody of her son. All she wants to do is use Bishop randomly for an escape from her stressful reality. Yet, Bishop's love for hood chicks only draws him to Winter, despite her constant warnings that her life is too chaotic. Being Bishop, he is attracted to the challenge. Yet, he soon finds out that he should have heeded to Winter's warnings.

Angel Freedom is stuck in a love triangle with his baby's mother, Bre, and her cousin, Paige. Yet, this disloyalty is not the typical deception because Angel and Paige have crushes on each other that they have never acted on. They are friends, but the passion between them is suffocating. As Paige takes the journey of becoming a Pediatrician, she fights her fascination with Angel, while keeping Bre's torrid secrets from her friend, whom she has fallen deeply in love with.

In this Urban Romance by Jessica N. Watkins, the Freedom Brothers find new love, while gaining and unveiling enemies. As they protect their flawless image in the game, opps are out to destroy them. With so many enemies and webs of deception surrounding them, it's difficult to see when and where the deadly attempts on their lives are coming from, until its too late, and one of the infamous Freedom Brothers is destroyed for good.


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