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(Complete series available on the Kindle and Audibles and in paperback)

A love story that was fueled by cocaine and birthed in the streets...

Azu Wilson gave his oldest daughter the name Snow because she was born amongst his snowfall on the city of Gary, Indiana in 2001. Then, Azu had just began to drop tons kilos of coke on the city, starting the birth of his empire.

Fast forward eighteen years later, Snow is Azu's favorite girl and only daughter. She has been doted on by her father. Now, she is off to college with her best friends, Tristan and Bae. They hope that their move out of the violent streets of Chicago to Tallahassee will bring positive change to the brutally savage lives they have lived.

However, "wherever arms flow, violence follows". Amongst the excitement of Freshmen year, college parties, and pledging, Snow is forced to return to Chicago in order to rescue her family from sudden hardship and misery.

Unbeknownst to her, she receives the help that she needs from one of Azu's most trusted crew members, Zo. Zo encourages her to make the biggest move of her life, as he falls violently for the brown-skinned beauty. Snow isn't interested, however. Her focus is on her family. Yet, having been raised by a hustla, wouldn't she be moved to fall in love with one?



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