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At only ten years old, Tempest's life changed forever. She suffered unbearable loss and tragedy that she would have to live with forever. For the next seventeen years, she suffered immeasurable pain and ridicule on behalf of the people that were supposed to love and protect her. Then she met Dame. The way that he had come into her life and saved it was more heroic than any superhero in a Marvel movie. Yet, she could not wholeheartedly accept the undeniable chemistry between them. Dame was the first man to make her feel secure, beautiful, and confident. He uplifted her. He ravished her.
Yet, that was not enough to erase years of ugliness that had been on her, suffocating any possibilities of her having any kind of happily ever after.

However, Dame is not a man that likes to be told no. He was demanding in the hood, and he was dominant when it came to the people that he loved. He is not that type of man to allow a woman to walk away from him. Yet, he only has the patience to be told no so many times before he gives up.

Dame and Tempest's love journey is unconventional to say the least. Their road to unconditional, genuine love is full of bumps and violent turns that may never lead them into the arms of one another.

Every beauty needs a beast... However, in this standalone, Urban Romance by Jessica N.Watkins, he is the beauty, and she is the beast.


(Standalone available on the Kindle, Audibles and in paperback)


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